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Jul 31, 2013
PC Autotune
1.3.2 for PC
Operating Systems:
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8

PC Autotune

PC Autotune is a pioneering tool that automates certain primary tuning processes for a device-dependent on Windows. Only press a single button to tunes up your machine from our specially built dashboard (runs our advanced cleaner, generates the device restore stage, removes all unrequired temporary data, performs a complete disk defragment and optimizes your record). Besides all the songs, our newest mobile software system was introduced and collaborated with showmypc.com.

AutoTune is an AnalogX free and simple to use the software. You will set up audio samples with this app. By following its user-defined rules, you will be readily able to adjust the multimedia file to the same frequency — which allows audiophiles to modify the sample rate, sample depth and channel.

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Now that Auto-tune Evo VS Tuner is introduced, the interface is fully redesigned and powerful new processing, editing and navigation features are much more versatile and easier to use than ever before. The updated Auto-Key feature (including auto-tuning), the Classic Mode "Auto-Tune 5 tone," Real-Time MIDI Power, and ARA have been applied to auto key detection, for better alignment with compatible DAW.

The interfaces both Auto Mode and Graph Mode have been revamped for experienced users and newcomers alike to provide the most effective, scalable and intuitive workflow. Flex-Tune and Humanize for more simple and normal tuning and Low-Latency mode are also includated in Antares Autotune VST, and you're able to work in real-time without any delays in time.

This also includes time correcting, size adjustment, vibrato testing, and throat duration optimization to ensure non-destructive time editing. If you choose to focus on a few problematic notes easily or carefully polish a complete score, Auto-Tune for PC offers skilled pitch correction and classical results.

Including the key and the scale, the Auto-Key even shows you the music comparison level. Often electronic music is tuned to a 440 Hz standard, although this is not always the case. When the tempo of the music or samples is wrong, the auto key can inform you what it is, and you can adjust the pitch adjustment or range of samples.

Clean-cut user interface

Analog X provides a graphical user interface which can be interpreted by any user class. The program has an ordered interface that allows to connect audio files using the drag-and-drop tool, beginning with its standard window. You will also open and use files that have been set aside for printing. All files that were dropped into the frame are, however, modified automatically, according to their automatic functionality. This is, before you pick the script, you have to customize it.

The program can also be moved by a directory. It goes through all the subdirectories and transforms the samples, including a defined notice tab. The effect is a fresh audio track matched to the next octave.

Other Specifications

Size: 23.29MB
Additional Requirements: None
Subcategory: Maintenance & Optimization
Price: $19.95
License Model: Free to try
Limitations: 30-day trial
File Name: pcautotune30dayfreetrial.exe
Total Downloads: 13558
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What's New

Version 1.3.1 adds our advanced registry cleaner and our desktop support features.

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