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Play 3D Billiards game Online with realistic graphics, detailed physics, and lifelike sound.

4.6 (5)
License Model:
Games Software
Updated On:
May 12, 2009
GEMAX Software
3.33 for PC
Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista
Play free online 3D pool games. With the most realistic 3D billiard simulator, you can play billiards and snooker even when you are not in your favorite pool hall! You can play all the most popular pool games in the world: 8 ball pool, snooker, 9 ball pool, and rotating pool. Amazing graphics, 3D gameplay, precise physics simulation, and advanced controls challenge you to experience real-time. We also want to create a real sense of billiard competition and enable you to hold the keyword in your hand. Bill Online Billiard Game Through 8BallClub you can play billiards and snooker and with opponents from around the world. In the powerful multiplayer lobby, players can challenge each other and compete online.

Other Specifications

Size: 27.63MB
Additional Requirements: None
Subcategory: Sports Games
Price: Free
License Model: Free
Limitations: Not available
File Name: Install8BC.exe
Total Downloads: 10566
Publisher Website : Get It

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